Is high protein diet good for the health?

This is a question that is asked by most of us, especially those who have been trying hard to lose on weight, so that they can slim and good looking. Before considering high protein diets, it is necessary for you to know several vital facts. Protein, obviously is quite necessary for an individual’s daily calorie intake. However, would it be safe to completely avoid carbohydrates and live only on high protein diet?

Importance of protein

Protein do assist the body in creating muscles, skin, blood, nails, internal organs and hair. They also tend to regulate appropriate balance between acids and water present in the body. However, too much consumption of protein would only put you in trouble and especially animal protein. Since, you can get stroke, heart disease, osteoporosis or kidney stones.

Is carbohydrate necessary?

Carbohydrates are regarded to be the best fuel source provided by nature. They are available in two different groupings namely complex and simple. The simple carbohydrates are just simple sugars like table sugar, fruit sugar, lactose (milk sugar) and sucrose. Complex carbs are present in food like beans, whole grains and green vegetables. These are essential to keep the body strong and from getting fatigue or tired.

Losing weight to have a better lifestyle

Losing quick weight has been a dream for many, as it would allow you to wear the latest fashionable clothes and to become a head turner. In order to achieve this, the essential ingredients need to be combined properly. You would require proper amount of starch and protein together to get the very best result. Besides losing weight, it can also help you to keep yourself healthy, fit and fine. For losing weight quickly, you need to select the right food and consume it at the right times of the day. By shifting the caloric intake, it is possible to lose about a good amount of pounds of fat within a few days.

Pros and cons of high protein diet

With plenty of fad diets being introduced, it becomes quite tough for anyone to figure out, which one really works and which does not. This is because, almost all manufacturers claim theirs to be the best and this is what makes the selection all the more challenging. If you are interested to shed weight in a proper manner, without damaging your body and to promote good health that works long term, then you should necessarily evaluate the high-protein diet plan’s pros and cons to check which would be the perfect approach.


• High protein consumption does promote maintenance and growth of new lean muscle mass.
• It is a macronutrient, which means, your body is likely to require plenty of it.
• It is necessary for rebuilding all the cells in the body.
• It is possible to lose plenty of weight initially.


• Animal proteins are said to be very high, especially in saturated fats that can actually lead to diabetes, heart disease, various kinds of cancer and stroke.
• Not enough fruits and vegetables are consumed that could lead to mineral and vitamin deficiencies.
• Less consumption of fiber.
• Calcium in high amount is lost and can leads to getting osteoporosis.
• Once protein is broken down, ammonia is produced by the body. There could be long term risks associated with high amount of ammonia present in the body.

Effective and healthy alternative

‘Calorie shifting’ can be termed to be a wonderful and sensible approach to get better fat burning results, but minus the health risks. It encourages you to eat different types of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, however, they should be consumed in particular patterns for getting the desired results. By consuming in unpredictable patterns, the metabolism system would not have a chance for adapting and would continuously try to ‘keep up’, which would cause quicker metabolism.

Protein diet: A sensible way to lose more weight quickly

It is a fact that high protein based diet plans has become quite popular these days. The reason for its growing popularity is that it does offer immediate weight loss. But, it is to be remembered that just similar to any of the unnatural ways of eating, high protein diet is simply an impractical solution for achieving permanent and long term weight loss.

What is the right way to lose weight?

It is possible for you to lose a good amount of weight and also enjoy your food at the same time. This might sound surprising, but the fact is that it is very much true. It can be achieved by learning how to consume in pre-determined patterns and throughout the day. Weight loss that is achieved through fad diet, usually is short lived. You need to understand that by forcing yourself to starve and to eat unhealthy and unnatural way, would simply not work. By staying away from the useful food groups or drastically cutting on the calories would not give any proper solution. The low-carb high protein diet might want you to cut back the daily carbohydrate intake in an unrealistically. You need to know that carbohydrates are essential for maintaining optimal health and it would be no good to get rid of them and stay smart.

At the same time, restricting severely on the calories or by skipping meals, you would end up reducing the metabolism in the body. This could prove to be completely counter-productive. You should understand that your metabolism needs to function at a very high level for burning the additional fats.

Taking the sensible approach

It is important to have a proper way of eating, which would boost your metabolism efficiently and to burn the calories constantly. By consuming wrong foods at improper time, you can get fat. Now, you can very much lose fat and this can be achieved by consuming the appropriate food at appropriate time. Our body does require specific calorie types at different times, throughout the day. A wrong selection of food would only make the calories to be stored as fat in the body, instead of burning it off. It is possible to confuse the metabolism by not consuming in predictable patterns, thus causing it to burn quickly, which is termed as calorie shifting. This is undoubtedly a sensible solution to have long term effects in weight loss, as it does not come with any restrictions and is also a natural and practical way than any other high protein diet available.

High protein diet: Why do I have a feeling of weakness?

Why did I feel tired after having high protein diet is a question that I had wondered sometime back. At that point of time, I was using low carb high-protein diet for losing body fat. With it, I was indeed feeling and seeing the benefits of such a diet, however, also felt somewhat off. While playing an exciting game named Danney Ball, I did experience real tiredness. After completing the game, I took adequate time to carry out some research to understand why I am experiencing such tiredness. I came to know that I was simply not consuming the required calories for fueling my body. Most people, who have been using low- carb high protein diet, do face similar issues of tiredness. It would definitely take some explanation for everyone to understand about the diet.

Identifying the issue

There are many of us, who simply think of consuming protein only on low-carb high protein diet. Intake of fat in this period is something that does not strike anybody. This is because, everyone is afraid of fats and would like to avoid it. But, the diet is really a medium protein, high fat, low carb diet. It is said to comprise of 5% carbohydrates, 30% protein and 65% fat.

A person’s body can easily use carbohydrates or fats for energy. If you reduce the intake of carbohydrates to just a small amount, then your body is likely to force use the fats present to derive energy. In case, fats are not present in the diet, then your body would start using the body fat or protein for energy. It is good to burn body fat, but without fat present in the food, your energy level is sure to stay much low. This is what often causes tiredness.


It is to be remembered that protein actually is not a good and dependable energy source. Your body would utilize it only if there is no other available option. Hence, by including fats to the low-carb high protein diet, you can automatically increase the energy and strength by manifolds. Also, you can add branched chain type of amino acids (where proteins are broken into small, usable portion for the body), green drink and pre-workout formula (piracetam, acetyl L-carnitine, citruline malate and L-tryrosine).

Taking the wrong way

Another thing which I noticed is that most people using low-carb diet were not actually using the required nutritional supplements. Some mineral, vitamins, fiber, anti-oxidant supplements and fish oil is essential for the body. This would undoubtedly keep the body strong and not let the person to feel tired.
This diet also tends to avoid many foods such as fruits and various other types of high carb and starchy carbohydrates, which contain useful elements such as minerals, vitamins, anti-oxidants and fiber. Therefore, supplements are to be used. By understanding how to set up the diet in the right manner and going through the low-carb high protein diet, you can definitely accomplish in cutting down the fat and enhancing your body strength and vitality.